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Our manufacturing process


The plywood manufacturing process requires specific conditions. It all starts with the selection of raw materials. At Iregua Chapas y Tableros we mainly work with beech, pine and poplar wood, due to its qualities to make products derived from wood. We select it directly in forests or we indicate to our trusted suppliers the characteristics of the type of wood we need.

The logs are cut and stored waiting for the specific application that they are going to have. The beech and pine wood are then steamed, to prepare it for removal of the bark and, thanks to our rotary machine, we can peel a veneer both in length and thickness to the customers requirement

This sheet of thin veneer then has to lose its moisture in order to turn it into a board. For this, it will go through a drying line of more than 40 metres long so that after 10 to 20 minutes it is dry. This dry wood veneer can reach the customer or continue with the process in Iregua Chapas y Tableros.

In the pressing phase, we can manufacture straight or curved boards depending on what we are going to do next. The straight board that we manufacture in beech, pine and poplar is mainly dedicated to slats or bed side rails, while the curved boards are usually made of beech in the manufacture of bed slats. In this process, Eurea-Formol E1 glue is added to glue the sheets and we can add a paper face with different finishes and designs according to the needs of our customers. After this process, we take the boards to our warehouse until they pass to the cutting section.

Depending on the boards and the needs of each client, we cut the boards into straight or curved slats and here we can make some drills or special designs according to our customer’s indications. The straight and thick board is cut into strips that go through the planer to give them the final shape and are sanded. Once the pieces are cut and sanded, they can be sent to the customer or moved to a next phase. If it is the customization phase, they pass through the wrapping machine using papers, pvc, polypropylene, leathers, fabrics etc. of different designs according to the demand of our clients. Once we have finished and wrapped the side rails, we can send them to the client so he can transform them or they can continue the process with us.

In this final part, slats and side rails are drilled, we insert nuts, or whatever is necessary and they are ready, customer has only to assemble them.

Finished slats and the side rails, we can deliver to our clients in kit form, half-finished or even fully finished beds – All depends on each customer needs.

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In Iregua Chapas y Tableros you will find the widest offer of slats and side rails for bed bases, as well as plywood boards made of beech, pine and poplar all of certified origin.

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