We manufacture wooden slats for bed frames, box-storage beds, and any kind of bed base. Slats are the pieces that need more flexibility, so it is important to know what type of wood are made of and its design, whether it’s straight or curved.

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Side rails are the pieces that hold the slats to the bed structures. They hold the frame to give stability to the set. Its design and shape depend on the final application: fixed or adjustable beds.

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At Iregua we also offer legs and corners in solid wood, 3D tooled slats for headboard and footboard, small pieces of plywood and everything you may need to compose the design of the frame.

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In Iregua, our job starts right from the selection of the wood logs. To manufacture our products, we carry out an integral process that begins with obtaining the dry veneer of wood from beech, poplar and pine logs.

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We are specialists in plywood, because we use this wood to manufacture our slats and side rails. We offer boards of different sizes, dimensions and thickness to make your own products.

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At Iregua Chapas y Tableros you will find the widest offer of slats and side rails for bed bases, as well as plywood boards made of pine, poplar and beech of certified origin.

Iregua Chapas y Tableros | Ctra. de Logroño km 1 | 26142 Villamediana de Iregua (La Rioja). España

TEL. 00 34 941 435 161